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If you believe....

...the Republicans, then Barack Obama is an extremist Black Christian.  He's also an extremist Muslim.  If you believe the Republicans, then Barack Obaama is an anarchist.  A socialist.  A marxist.  The most absent senator in Congress.  He's also the most liberal senator in Congress.  He's a foreign born Muslim!  No, he's the New York liberal elite!  If you believe the Republicans, then Barack Obama is an Indonesian-born citizen constitutionally unqualified to serve as President.  He's also a member of the New York liberal elite.  He's also .  As well as foreign-born evangelical Christian Muslim extremist bent on anarchy, socialism,

Is the Presidency becoming damaged good?

In their quest to throw every stupid, asinine ridiculous, inflammatory, racist, and anti-Semitic charge at Barack Obama, the newest one leveled by Sarah Palin is that Barack Obama is friends with a terrorist.  No, not Ayers.  A different terrorist.  A muslim-sounding terrorist.  

So much for staying away from character attacks.  McCain-has strayed so far from that strategy that their attacks have centered on anyone that Barack Obama has had any contact whatsoever within his professional life.  So now, Sarah Palin accuses Obama of being cozy with a former spokesperson for the PLO (an untrue allegation).  It's a blatant attempt to scare Jews in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other swing states from voting for Obama.  By the way, her attitude is also, I believe, greatly anti-Muslim, teetering on the edge of racism thereo, too. 

What bullshit.

That's probably the first time I've sworn in my blog in a year and a half, but I'm frustrated.   Though Rashid Khalidi certainly has different views about Palestine and Israel than you or I do, at the end of the day he's a respected scholar with a post at Columbia University who served at the University of Chicago while Obama was there.

And again, god forbid, Obama was social with the guy.  Gee whillikers.  He had cake at a party.  Maybe he smiled during the party or shook the guy's hands.  But McCain Palin is accusing the LA Times now of suppressing a video from a send off party for Khalidi.  A tape that MIGHT have shown Obama at the party.  A tape that MIGHT have had Obama interact with or respond to Khalidi.  A tape that might, if you believe the implication of the McCain Palin camp, might have Obama himself uttering "Allah hu Ahkbar!  Death to Israel".  Is there any reason to believe this is the case?  Of course not.  But if we don't see the tape, how will we know for sure?  Obama MIGHT have actually done those things. 

The Republicans are going on this almost literal witch hunt under the theory that "WE" need to know and have a right to know about Obama's associations with known terrorists.  Rightly Khalidi has taken the high road and won't engage in this lunacy.  Meanwhile, the last desperate vestiges of the Republican party are hoping that even though they haven't found an October surprise, that maybe they can make it look like there is one.  But it appears that most people have tuned out. 

If they can't win, they'll do everything they can to break the country apart more.  And what of the Presidency?

When Hillary ran harshly against Obama, many thought the damage done to his campaign would be insurmountable.  But this is about more than just Obama.  This is about a coordinated effort to destroy the Office of the President.  If they can't have it, no one will.  Or they'll make it even worse.  

What good does it do to hurl disgusting, despicable accusations across an international stage?  What good does it do to try to diminish the office holder, and with that, the office?  Whatever happened to a basic respect for our government and the process? 

This has gone on too long.  It's gone too far.  The McCain Palin Ticket can't see past next Tuesday.  They must believe that there could be no lasting impact past Tuesday, and that the end justifies these hideous means.  The real problem for the Republicans is that for all practical purposes, McCain and Palin are the party's leaders.  The Bush, Cheney and Rove team's tactics caught up with them.  But these guys are stooping lower than the Bush administration ever did in 2004.  I wonder if they realize how much more damage they will inflict upon their own party. 

I've had a lot of people tell me that I'm naive about Obama.  These people have been hit from the barrage of attacks that I have.  I was a political science major as an undergraduate.  I went to law school believing in the fundamental spirit of the American people.  The good that government can and should do.  The responsibility that we have to ourselves, each other, and our nation.  I have always had an optimistic outlook toward the future.  Toward government.  And, despite political disagreements, toward our leaders. Optimisim isn't naivete, pessimism is. 

More than any other candidate in recent time, I believe that Barack Obama knows that our future lies in hope, not despair.  Don't let the Republicans rob our country of that.  



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