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Hog Wild!

As I write this entry, I hear something that I really don't hear very often--the sound of rumbling motorcycles along the expressway and streets in my Bayside office.

This summer has been a terrific one for Milwaukee.  First we got the Harley Museum, then Fonzie* (or whoever that statue is), and now the 105th Anniversary celebration.  Here in Milwaukee we're actually able to celebrate our history and heritage in a truly incredible way.  This summer alone, we've seen MillerCoors announce a major shift in operations to Chicago.  We've seen the bowling congress announce plans to leave, as well.  But we still--and always will--have Harley-Davidson.  And they're making sure we know that they are here to stay. 

And you don't need to ride a hog to feel like you're part of the crowd.  I find it remarkable that bikers from all over the country trek to our little town in the Midwest to celebrate, meet others, and share a terrific communal experience.  It's truly an awesome time.

Riders may be celebrating a number of things.  The 105th anniversary may be nothing more than a terrific excuse for a party.  But I think that the strongest affirmation that comes with this weekend's festivities is a celebration of freedom.  The freedom of the roads, freedom of spirit. 

To all who came to Milwaukee, welcome.  To all who live here, don't just sit idly by.  On this labor day weekend, celebrate your own freedom and independence.  Take a few moments to sit and reflect.  Go out for a drive in the country just for the heck of it.  Take time to do something you haven't done in a while.  Enjoy life. 

And to Harley-Davidson, thank you for another wonderful reminder of what it means to be from Milwaukee.   






*Yes, I am aware that Fonzie's bike was a Triumph, not a hog.  

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