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Musings For The Day...

Here are a few things that have been on my mind as of late..Let me hear your thoughts.


1)    Is Rev. Wright really worse than someone like Rev. Hagee, the whacked-out minister from whom McCain sought endorsement?  Probably not.  So why are we more fixated on the Black candidate who tries to distance himself from from an alleged extremist while we ignore the fact that the White candidate has sought to come closer to HIS alleged extremist?

2)    Isn't it proof that this political process is working when Barack Obama has been able to snag almost all of Hillary's excess superdelegates to even the superdelegate count?  I mean, why are we all fearing a convention / brokered nomination anyhow?  As far as I'm concerned, the more that the Democratic Party is in the spotlight, the better it is for attention, message-getting and fundraising.

3)    On a more serious note, will Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull suck rocks JUST because of its long-**s name? The new movie is reportedly a search for an alien artifact.  Not 'alien' as foreign.  'Alien' as those things from Cocoon that glow and wrap themselves up in fake skin.  What do you do after you've found the ark of the covenant and found the holy grail?  You go after aliens.  Isn't that odd?  The series goes from Judaism to Hinduism to Christianity.  Why skip Islam?  Why go straight to Scientology?  Just as an aside, how come Tom Hanks found the Holy Grail underneath the Louvre, in Paris, but Indy had to run somewhere into the desert in the mideast? In the Star Wars trilogy prequel, George Lucas thought it would be funny to put a bunch of "E.T"'s in the galactic senate.  Indy's not chasing after the Shroud of Yoda.  Or worse:  the tomb of Jar Jar Binks. 

4)    Seeing movies when you have two young children is very difficult.  It's difficult to get to the theatre, and when you watch a movie at home, most toddlers still don't get all of the nuance in The Godfather, Part II. 

5)    David Blaine can hold his breath for 17 minutes, rivaling even Shelly Winters in The Poseidon Adventure

6)    Why are all these holidays on a Sunday?  Like Mother's Day, for instance.  Mother's Day is one of the single biggest days for card-sending and flower-giving.  But florists don't deliver on Sunday.  That takes all the surprise out of a Sunday morning trip to the store, doesn't it? 

7)   How come we Americans don't celebrate International Women's Day?   My wife is Russian and she calls me on it EVERY YEAR!

8)   How long WILL it take for my tomato plants to bloom?


That's all for now. 


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