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Meet Barry Gaffeagain

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Although it was about 20 years ago, the largest political gaffes made was when then Vice President Dan Quayle misspelled the word potato.  But since then we have had George Bush give us enough gaffes to fill several books.  They are not large books, but there are several out there.

And as if the election were to be held tomorrow, Barack Obama is providing enough material for Saturday Night Live, the Tonight Show, and the Jon Stewart show.  But are there any takers?

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The Trysting Place

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It has been almost a week since the end of the Democratic primary season.  And we still don't know who Barack Obama's running mate will be.  Will it be Hillary?  Will it not be Hillary?  Even though conventional wisdom would state that it is much too early to speculate and to decide on who the running mate will be, there has still been about three months of speculation.

Did the end of the primary season come with a bang or a whimper?  It depends on who you talk to.  Is the Obama/Clinton ticket, a dream ticket or the nation's nightmare?  Again, it depends on who you talk to.

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The tax-and-spend liberals want more of your money.

County Government, Government, News, Politics, taxes

It seems like the tax-and-spend liberals are at it again.  We had just gotten past the point of discussing how dumb the wheel tax is as a source of revenue for the county and they are again discussing raising the sales tax for Milwaukee County.  Any time the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors sits down to think of new ways to increase revenue to improve the part transit systems, they only have two ideas.  1 Wheel tax -- 2.  Sales tax.

It's as if they come into their meetings, and say let's think of new ways of raising taxes.  Of course they write two of their own two taxes they can think of , the wheel tax and the sales tax, and after that, their heads start hurting and so they just end the session and conclude that they will just cycle through those two ideas.  When one idea gets shot down they will just go back to the other one.  They have no other new ideas.  None.

The tax-and-spend liberals on the County Board of Supervisors will then go out to the community and explain that they are attempting to do some leadership.  They believe that reaching into their own pockets as well as everybody else in the county makes this fair and admirable. They somehow believe that they are improving quality of life of everybody by picking your pocket for their own political interests.  And apparently they have some sick sense of sensibility on how will they are doing the work of Jesus, St. Anthony, and Robin Hood all rolled into one. Take from the haves and give to the have-nots.  And they would create these groups if they do not exist.

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A New Kind of Machiavellian

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Last Thursday Journal Sentinel reported a story about how Barack Obama would opt out of the public financing system breaking his pledge with the American people he had made earlier.  This is of course purely political.  For Barack Obama it is just another event in a series of moves that will prove that he is just a regular politician.  He's doing things purely for political gain.  This is based on public reaction to what he would normally do.  Just like quitting his church.  Or wearing the flag lapel pin again.

By forgoing the public financing, he will now be able to accept potentially hundreds of millions of dollars for the general election this fall.  Is this change we can believe in?  Is this a new kind of politician?  It's politics as usual.  So why would the candidate who wants us to believe that he is going to change things and do things differently and have been done in Washington for well over 100 years becoming the same kind of politician that we have grown to know and hate.  The voters who cast their ballots for Obama in the primary season wanted just that-change.  What will they be getting?  Politics as usual.

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A Little Ain't Enough

Energy, Government, News, Politics, taxes

Well, last week we learned that Barack Obama, changed his mind and now found that it would be morally correct to forgo a position that formerly was a cornerstone to his campaign.  He would not except federal funding to finance his campaign for November.  This way he can get more money from all his donors so that he will have enough to buy the presidency in 2008.  You see, the federal funding would not leave him enough money to do this.  The public amount would be too small.  And as we know, a little ain't enough.

I don't particularly have a problem with this, because I do not believe that campaigns should be federally funded.  They should not be funded publicly at any level of government.  We are currently wasting enough money on bloated bureaucracies that adding to it through public campaigns is just not necessary.  Having supporters send in their own money as a nontax deductible contribution makes better sense.  It's almost like a voluntary form of taxation.  Too bad the money never goes to anything of real value.  If we took the money that was going to campaigns and redirected it to infrastructure, education, science, etc. just imagine what could have been done.  It is estimated that about one half billion dollars is going to be spent for someone to obtain the presidency.  A half billion dollars spent on promising things that may never get delivered.  A half billion dollars spent on shoving the word 'change' down our throats. 

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