Heaven and the Bad Place


The recent death of a teenager in northern Wisconsin has sparked a debate between religion and legal responsibilities.  Where does religious freedom and in legal responsibility begin?  Where do laws leave off, and our civil liberties begin?  The debate of religion in our society today is not one of divine mysteries in as much as it is a paradox.

Whenever there is the death of a child in a case like this, everyone wants to step in and claim that the parents had a moral responsibility to seek medical help for their sick daughter.  However, strong faith relies on the healing power of God.  Yet at what point do we decide for ourselves or have someone decide for us that the Bible is wrong and we have to take matters into our own hands.  Few will have the guts enough to stand up for that decision.  Government will oversee us from the day we are born until the day we die.  Yet religion has us believe that we are alive from the moment we are conceived until the moment we are long forgotten about long after we have left this world.

We think that we do everything we can to save life.  We don't want to snuff out any souls.  Yet we made conscious decisions to restrict embryonic stem cell research for just that reason while we let people with debilitating diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, among others prolonging suffering and accelerating painful death yet pat ourselves on the back, because we did not snuff out the soul of an unborn embryo.  Or so, we would think.

If you are to ask anyone in America, if God has a sense of humor, I went that a vast, vast majority would say yes.  And they would be wrong.  Let's look at some facts.  Have you ever heard a funny religious joke?  You might say yes, but they are really not funny.  So many start out introducing characters of a minister, a priest and a rabbi.  And in the end of wrong person is usually the butt of the joke.  In this country, we have to be sensitive and politically correct to those of the faiths that are not very high in number in the United States.  We have to be sensitive to Muslems.  Someone somewhere a few years ago, printed or cartoon, which made fun of the Prophet Mohammed.  It started violence and wars.  Yet no one in this country had enough dots to print that cartoon, so we can see what everyone was mad about.  We have freedom of the press, yet nobody did it.  Yet it is still politically correct to poke fun at Catholics and other Christians.

What about giggling in church?  Were not supposed to giggle in church.  If we do, we have to suppress our laughter.  And nothing is funnier than suppressed laughter.  And laughter is the best medicine, yet faith and medicine are different.  Have you ever come out of church with your sides hurting from laughing too much?  If you did, you were probably in the wrong church.  It would be considered a sin, if we were to step back and laugh at the hilarity of what is based in some religions.  Many of us still have the same philosophies about God and Jesus that we had when we were children and have not changed them.  We still believe that there's an invisible man who lives in this guy, who watches us 24 hours a day.  And if we do things to offend God, we are sent to the bad place where we will spend eternity in suffering, want, and emptiness.  Yet he loves us.

The vast majority of people all believe that they will be going to heaven when they die.  No matter what they've done, if they have a deathbed conversion, they will be and heaven.  What about the people who have been good?  Why spend their whole life being good in order to earn a chance at eternity with the Lord and still be in the company of killers and criminals?  Will they keep those people separate?  Will we be able to be around people who share our own values?  Is heaven going to be like a really good subdivision?  That's what I've been told.

Yes, I know.  Just questioning this stuff will help decide where I'm going when I die.  We know from the book of Genesis that God did not want to Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge.  So knowledge is a bad thing when it comes to having strong faith in the right religion.  We can't look at this stuff and chuckle at the hypocrisy and the paradoxes involved.  But we should be able to.  God has a sense of humor, right?

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