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We have been mired in a financial disaster for years.  Opinions fly back and forth about who is to blame.  It seems overwhelmingly complicated to explain the cause of this mess.  The average person simply throws up his/her hands and gropes around for political cover so blame can be rendered.  There is a place to find a complete and understandable explanation that gives facts, visuals, interviews, historical backdrop, proof, facts, honest statistics, etc.

Every American should view the documentary film "Inside Job" that won the Academy Award for Documentaries, and received international accolades for accuracy and film-making.  It is an extraordinary film.  It is loaded with factual informtion and gives the complicated subject-matter clear and understandable coverage.  All the names are there in interviews and facts...George W. Bush, Paulsen, Ronald Reagan, Volcker, Clinton, Greenspan, and all the CEOs, Treasury Secretaries, financial "wizards," presidential advisers, Wall Street insiders, financial traders, bankers, and many among them who are out-and-out crooks.

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I've looked at politics from both sides now/From up and down and still somehow/It's political illusions I recall/I really don't know politics at all.

With that old song refrain, I plead my case.

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Can you imagine what would have happened if the sexual harrassment charges were leveled against Cain if he were a liberal or a Democrat!  The press destroyed several past Democrats who were running for president or lesser offices.  It is truly amazing how restrained the media has been about the current charges about Cain.  He has not only lied, he has had selective memory lapses.  I have no intention to lambast Cain.  I wish him well.

I would suggest that while you ruminate and ponder all the negative thoughts you have about JFK and past Democrats, you may want to do a little historical study about the most two-faced candidate for president in the 20th century: Ronald Reagan.  He cheated on his first wife.  He had a reputation as quite a stud among women, single or married.  He was a Democrat going nowhere, so he switched to the Republican Party and voila!, a political career in waiting.   He had fought for labor unions and then fought against them [he was the head of a large union himself]..  Many of the issues that Republicans and conservatives fought against were a part of Reagan's life before becoming a Republican.  Check out any search engine to find stories about Ronald Reagan's dual life and amazing switch in basic "beliefs."  His own children were repulsed by his phony persona.  Go to any search engine.

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Let's try to be honest and objective about the way the media covers presidents and presidential candidates.  How many times have you had Marilyn Monroe and JFK shoved in your face?  No matter what political subject comes up and argued between Democrats and Republicans, inevitably when cornered, the conservatives bring up Bill Clinton.  The Clinton reference is not only about Monica, it always has a sinister and sweeping hint about the low morals of liberals.  John Edwards' career and personal life were destroyed by "revelations."  He deserved judgment.  But how come.....?

We never hear or see anything about Dwight D. Eisenhower and his on-going adultery?  It is true.  It has been carefully proven.  But that's the end of it.  Don't touch DDE!  For me, personally, I think it is just as well that we leave Ike alone.  The difference in treatment between leading political candidates of the left and right is noticeably different.  Conservatives are treated......well, treated more conservatively.

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A wide variety of Americans serve their nation loyally and with valor.  This is one such group...

Not many people know that there are conscientious objectors serving in the most dangerous military zones of Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.  And there have been for wars throughout our history.  There are Quakers, for example, who tend to wounded soldiers on the battlefield.  Many of them spend their entire young lives serving in this way. 

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Jihad can be translated to mean "struggle" or "inner struggle."  Mein Kampf, Hitler's book, means "My Struggle."  More about U.S. taxes later.

What did the Jews, gypsies, and gays have to do with Adolf Hitler having to struggle?  And Hitler had a pretty darn good life, much of his success on the backs of the lives of Jews, gypsies, and gays; with the help of Henry Ford, du Pont, American bankers, and German war corporations.

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Ok, so Newt Gingirch criticized Freddie Mac and while doing so took $1.6 million from them for the "help"  he gave matter that they went under from his advice.  Gingrich has a way with double-dealing.  And now that he has been caught with his hand grabbing every buck he could from that failed "bank," he announces that Congressman Barney Frank should go to prison for supporting the same institution that Newt advised.  The difference between Newt and Barney is that Newt got lots of money for services rendered, and he has yet to prove that Frank did anything wrong, let alone why he should go to prison.  Good ole Newt.

No matter, leaving Congress and becoming a lobbyist or "adviser" is nothing new.  Past Congressional leaders have used their taxpayer-funded experience to become rich.  With Newt, there is more, and his history of unsavory actions is vomit-inducing.

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It isn't enough that the corporations that profit most from wars pay off politicians to get what they want.  They resort to slave labor as well.  Do you know that prison inmates in the U.S. do work for these war corporations?  Yep, those companies that get the multi-billion-dollar "contracts" for producing military equipmnt do some of it by having people in our prisons do their labor. 

In the case of a corporation like Halliburton, they didn't even need a contract, they got no-bid billions from the actions by the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney.  Imagine here in the USA, incarcerated slaves.  This is what the right means when it talks about free enterprise.  Slave capitalism.  What an idea!

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Following the victory in World War II, the U.S. was rightly proud of what "the greatest generation" had done.  So for more than 15 years or so following that war, the new contraption called TV and the Hollywood formula movies showed America as a breeding ground for glorious and always-good Americans.  Our American heroic figures, as portrayed, were forever winning the battle of good over evil.  It was nice and comfortable to play on World War II heroism, and present a world in which it was easy to tell the good guys from the bad guys.  Psst: we were the good guys.

The good guys, when faced with problems in which good was pitted against evil, and good was given the harder task, were people like John Wayne, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, James Arness, The Rifleman, Batman, Superman, and Roy Rogers.  How could anyone dispute that the United States was where the good guys resided, and in the U.S. it was good that always conquered evil?  We were working together as a united people who had used this same unity of purpose to overcome the Great Depression and World War II.

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the right is ALWAYS right

The Bible supports the right-wing in America.  The right-wing is loaded with proper Christians.  Occasionally we have to ignore the sins of Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, the former Governor of South Carolina, etc.  And if we ignore them properly then there is no reason to think the right is not 100% correct and proper.always.

If you follow to the right, you will be confident in.............

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Blame it on the Republicans!  Blame it on the Democrats!  No, neither is smart enough to make any enlightened decisions that would stop the declining slide that is enveloping the United States.  It is far more profound than the economic crisis.  It is the takeover and killing of democracy that is being embraced by the public, in an ignorant attempt to punish somebody for our current state of affairs.  But the problem, dear citizen, is us.  We have bought the manipulated propaganda produced by an extremely greedy, selfish, and unprincipled set of corporations who own the U.S., lock, stock, and barrel.

How can we be so gullible?  How could we surrender our right-wing and left-wing principles?  What ever happened to the democratic sanity that prevailed in the Republican and Democratic Parties?  How could we surrender to the greed-induced lies and selfishness of today's corrupted right and left in American politics?

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