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"slut" "prostitute": Right-wing media?

Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown University woman a "slut" and "prostitute" for supporting the guaranty of support for contraceptives for women.   There is no place in the media for low-life statements like that.  It is indicative that Limbaugh has no civilized retort that he can call upon.  Once again, he reveals his crude, gutter, Neanderthal, and thug language and personality. 

There is not much to say in defense of Rush Limbaugh anytime.  But now it is atrocious.  Now it is time to call him to task.  Now is the time when any civilized man or woman should make it be known that this is below the action of any human being in the media, right or left, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. 

It should be brought to the attention of everyone that Rush Limbaugh has been outspoken in defending religious thinking that is fascistic and fundamentalist.  As I have mentioned many times, the people who strut their religion most judgmentally are rarely very religious in truth.

The lack of morals and ethics on the right-wing of American politics is getting scarier and scarier.  We are on the verge of revealing the true Nazi mentality of the current right-wing political fringe.  If you do not clearly know the difference between political conversation and debate, and the thuggery of a Rush Limbaugh, then you totally miss what human democracy is.  Read the history of Nazism and fascism.  These kinds of statements were common to the followers of Hitler and Mussolini. When people pointed out the uncivilized language and threats of the Nazis and fascists, they were hunted down.  First, though, they were labeled and scandalized by the brutes in Germany and Italy and their right-wing advocates.  In the media, the Nazis had Herr Goebbels to do exactly the type of things that one hears from Rush Limbaugh.

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