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Shorewood Break an Ankle Club December 5, 2010

Shorewood WI Holiday Walk, Break an Ankle Club, Businesses not clearing walkways, Shorewood Pedestrian Friendly

It’s that time of year again in Shorewood, WI.  Shorter days, colder weather, snow and ice. 

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Time to plan Scott Walker recall election after his first year in office

Fast Rail Milwaukee to Madison, $810, 000 million lost to other states, Walker job creation, Walker Governor Recall

According to WI Law, any elected official may be confronted with a Recall after their first year in office.

Scott Walker will be inaugurated on Jan 3, 2011 --- so earliest is January of 2012.

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Startling Announcement at Shorewood Sewage Meeting on Cause of Sewer Backups

Shorewood Sewer Backups, Laterals, Infiltration and Inflow, Engineering Studies. Cause of Sewer Backups

Since the Great Shorewood Sewage Backups of July 2010, we have been anxiously awaiting word from the engineers and village officials, as to what the cause of raw sewage in residents' basements could have been caused by.

This past Monday at a Shorewood Sewage Meeting, according to the account in North Shore Now by Dave Fidlin:

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

THE TWELVE POLISH DAYS OF CHRISTMAS (sing to same melody repeating verses, etc)

Christmas, Traditions, Polish, Foods, Ethnic


On the first day of Christmas, my Babcia sent to me a big plate of meat pierogi

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