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Wisconsin Judges are suppose to be Non-Partisan --- but Are They --- and Where do They get the Money for Their Campaigns?

Wisconsin Judges, Non Partisan, Outside Contributions, Edorse Candidates, Raise Money Judicial Races, Political Party Affiliation of Judges

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge John Siefert doesn’t think Judges should be Non-Partisan, and he wants Judges to Come Out of the Closet in Regards to Their Politics.

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Crying in His Custard

Biden, smartass, custard, Kopp;s, Gillies, Leon's, Borkin, Republican, Democrat

Breaking News --- Joe Biden often says things off the cuff ---- Surprise, Surprise!!

Biden’s latest faux pas was when he and Senator Feingold made a PR/Photo-op visit at Kopp’s Custard stand in Glendale.

According to  Amy Hetzner, in her Journal Sentinel article:

When Biden asked how much he owed for the custard, manager Scott Borkin  said to Biden “Don't worry, it's on the house, lower our taxes and we'll call it even."

Nothing too offensive, but not a great show of hospitality to someone famous who comes to your shop and gives you a ton of free publicity.

Later Biden retorted to Borkin "Why don't you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time."

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