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Harley’s Last Ride?

Harley, Buell, MV Augusta, Wandell, Iacocca, Branding,

The news from Harley Davidson lately seems to indicate that Harley, under new leadership, has totally lost its way, and may well be on its Last Ride.

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What is the Message of the Tea Bagger Driving Down the Highway?

Tea Party, Foreign Trade, Foreign Oil, Drill Baby Drill, American Jobs, Pinhead, Patriot, Tea Bagger

While driving on the freeway recently, I spotted an auto with two very prominent bumper stickers.

One said "Fire Nancy Pelosi"

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The Best Garden Center We Have Found --- Have You Tried Them ?

Webers Green Houses, Local Business, Plants, Gardening, Green Bay Road just North of Capitol in Milwaukee

My wife has just about finished her shopping for plants and materials for the yard and gardens, and has found a true gem at Webers Greenhouses on the west side of Green Bay Road, just a couple blocks north of Capitol Drive.

I asked her to write a few words about them, and here is what she had to say:

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Memorial Day is Not a Celebration of War

Remembrance, Respect, Memorial Day, The Honored, The Forgotten, Soldiers, Civilians

This Memorial Day Weekend will consist of many parades and flag waving throughout our Country. 

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