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Shorewood DPW Shoutout ---- They RULE !!!

Shorewood DPW RULES, Only one night snow emergency for Shorewood, SHWD DPW WORKERS do Great Work

The storm we just went through was a true test of MIlwaukee and Suburbs of their snow handling capabilities.

Happy to say, everyone passed with flying colors --- the folks on all the DPW crews deserve a big pat on the back for a job well done.

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Shorewood Village Board and Administration not capable of dealing with Sewage Backups

Flooidng, Sewage Backups, $70 Million Plan, 30 Year Plan, Publicity in place of Solutions to Sewage Problem

I have written on the Sewage Backup problem several times since last July when many of us were treated to 2 or 3 feet of sewage in our basements.

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Labor Unrest, National Guard, 7 Dead, Collective Bargaining WI Public Employees, Governor Walker, Governr Rusk

“As the crowd surged down Bay St.toward the mill, the mili­tia commander ordered them to disperse. At a distance of 200 yards, it is doubtful that the marchers heard him above their own noise. When they contin­ued to advance, the commander ordered his troops to open fire.

At least seven people fell dead or dying, including a 12-year-old schoolboy and a retired mill worker who was watching the commotion from his back­yard

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Hopefully a lesson learned by teachers and public employees

Unions, Solidarity, UAW, Union Busting, Walker, Teachers, Police, Fire Unions, Buy American

I am basically a pro-union person, and believe that if it were not for the unions, the United States would never have had the very well off middle class that gave us a standard of living beyond the wildest dreams of most inhabitants of this planet we call earth.

It was union wages and bargaining that provided my young family with the opportunity to live in nice neighborhoods with good schools. 

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