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Rash of burglaries in WFB and SHWD --- Time to reconsider consolidation of Police Departments

Northshore Police Departments, Consolidation, Task Force, Cops on the Street

The consolidation of Northshore Police Departments is an old issue, that comes up occassionally. 

There is already a Northshore Fire Department,. 

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Addressing Concerns and Questions about Consolidating WFB and SHWD Police Departments

WFB, SHWD, Combined Police Forces, Savings, Duplication of Overhead

It was apparent from responses and comments to my previous posting on a combined police force, that some folks in Shorewood and Whitefish Bay feel that there could be a loss of service for their community if the police departments were combined into one force.

In talking to Whitefish Bay officials, the former WFB Village Manager was insistent that WFB resources would be lost in part to greater crime needs in Shorewood.   Was he correct, or did he just want to protect his turf.

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Dear Governor Walker --- If you Really Want to Help Small Businesses in Wisconsin ...................

Governor Walker, Small Business in Wisconsin, Dealing with Government Agencies, Creating Jobs, New Hires

If you run a small business (as I do)  --- I mean really small, like less than 5 employees, you are probably a jack of all trades --- you are the HR Dept, the Operations Mgr, the Collections Dept, the Accounts Payable Dept, etc ............. in other words, you preform a whole lot of duties that have nothing to do with your core business.

Governor Walker has been putting a lot of talk to "helping small businesses --- to help create jobs".

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Shorewood, Sewer Backups, Comprehensive Sewer Plan, Laterals, Foundation Drains, MMSD, Combined Sewers

Just what is the primary culprit in the Sewer Backups in Shorewood and other Communities?

Shorewood held a number of public meetings on the Sewage Backup Problems.  I attended a couple of them, and learned a lot about the history of problems that Shorewood has had with its sewers.  One unique problem that Shorewood has, is that is has some combined sewers that carry both sanitary and storm water.

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